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Many have heard of, but how many have had real dating success? Find out what’s really going on behind the scenes online in cougar town. I can tell you right away that it’s not all that it seems to be. This site has popped up all over the web, claiming to be the place where cougars and cubs alike make connections. Unfortunately, CougarLife falls short on its claims, and it’s not as easy as it sounds to find sex on one of the most talked about sites. I had to try it for myself and wasn’t shocked that I didn’t find what I was looking for. I read enough reviews ahead of time to see that I might be getting myself into a disappointing situation. If the site spent as much time and effort into gaining real members instead of putting up big billboards, it might have a fighting chance.

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Cost to sign up:

Free One Month Trial
Just under $1/day for 3 months, if paid in full ($29.95)

I opted to try the free trial for the first day so that I could see what was included for ‘free’. With the free trial, you cannot do anything other than view profiles. What you are shown is how many messages are waiting for you to view, but to do that you have to upgrade your account. No surprise there. There weren’t many extra features other than the pay for services, like viewing messages, sending video and instant chat. From the profile pics, it seemed like an attractive membership, but you couldn’t go past the picture until you upgraded your account, so you wouldn’t know for sure unless you took the plunge. I plunged, bought myself a 3 month pass and hoped for the best.

When I got my full account upgraded, updated my CougarLife account and logged on, I noticed right away that half of those ‘messages’ I received had disappeared. Where did they go? Well, when you click on certain profiles a pop-up window will come up telling you that it’s ‘under review’, which means that it’s a fake. There were A LOT of those kinds of profiles. There were a couple of replies back from matches that I found, but nothing lasted longer than a couple messages. On sex sites, the more you have to work with, the better your chances of finding a date. If you only have a handful of potential prospects, you won’t get very far. In saying that, I had very little to work with and therefore, had no luck finding any sort of hookup.

The Downsides to

When you start your ‘free trial’ that gets you nowhere but inside the home page, you are met with fake messages and notifications to try and lure you into paying for a full membership. I’ve seen this on other sites, but usually it’s not a hoax. On, I was shocked at how many fake profiles there actually were. For all of the attention that gets, it sure doesn’t live up to the hype.

Why You shouldn’t Join

I have reviewed many legit sex sites and some really awful ones. CougarLife is one of the worst. The fake memberships are deterring real members from signing up, and that means that no one is getting laid. This site either needs a major overhaul, or it needs to shut down. The reviews in the last few years reflect the state that the site is currently in; bad. If you want to find a great local milf site that will connect you with real people who are looking for real sex, click here, and you’ll have much better luck. Save your money for something better and do yourself a favor by skipping cougarlife altogether. There are millions of people out there that are looking for sex tonight. You just need to know where to look, and this is not the site that’s going to help you get laid. If you want to find local milfs, cougars or cubs in your city, don’t waste your time here because there will be no sex tonight on CougarLife.

User Submitted Comments

  • PatrickS

    Just save your trouble because isn't going to get you laid. I was one of thousands of people who fell for this scam! This site sucks so much. There aren't that many women on this site and all the tools that it gives you are no good. This review is right, it's better to look elsewhere because isn't the site to be.

  • Nicky-Wellington

    Thank you for sharing your experience about Cougarlife in a review like this, because it's going to help so many people stay away from that scam. I just don't know why there are so many scams in adult dating lately.

  • CarsonP

    There's a lot of money being thrown around in adult dating, so there seems to be many scams going on in my opinion. People don't mind spending their money on a dating site, because they are busy and they don't have the time to go out like they used to. Most people such as myself don't read reviews before they purchase something so a scam site like is the perfect way to make some quick bucks for some people.

  • micah_burgess

    That's true, not that many people spend time reading reviews and past customer experiences before they sign up on adult dating sites. I made the same mistake when I paid for the subscription on However, I have learned my lesson. After going through many reviews, I have decided to do my dating on which is a wonderful MILF site. There are so many friendly MILFs there and it's way different from

  • beatrice_XXX

    It's worth doing all that research before signing up on a dating site because that's going to save you a lot of money. I wish I had done that before I got a 1 year membership on

  • JamieBowie

    I recently joined and it's been ok so far. There seem to be many hot looking women on this site. I just got my profile done and I'm ready to go. They seem to be having a few connection problems of late. I hope they will get that fixed up soon.

  • TimothySmart

    They will never get those connection problems fixed. They had those when I was a member there too. All these scam sites are hosted on cheap servers and they just can't cope with the load. is a scam, so stay away from it. I wish I had someone to tell me that.

  • Austn_1987

    They have been very smart with the way they advertise Anyone who visits the site won't find it suspicious until they get the subscription and start trying talking to people. I never thought that it was going to be this bad. I thought that I was going to get laid within weeks as they mentioned on their ads.

  • BeckyJ

    That's how they lure most people into thinking that is a genuine sex finder site. I joined this site, because I thought that it was a very safe one for a mature woman, but I was wrong. I experience some very rude behavior here.

  • D.Morrison

    I will never ever recommend to anyone. It's not a very good site to find hook ups.

  • AlbieM

    It's almost impossible to talk to a woman on because there are way too many men trying to talk to the limited women. Most of the women's profiles seem to be either inactive or fake and they have no way of excluding those profiles from search results. It's easily the worst adult dating site I've tried out in the recent past. After failing on, I tried out which turned out to be way better. There I hooked up very quickly.

  • Joanne_Roosevelt

    Just stay away from if you want to have a stress free dating experience. This site just doesn't work. I tried to make things work by weathering through all the abuse and spam, but I couldn't get to know a single man enough to hook up with them.

  • JeffB

    Cougarlife is a scam! You will be saving your time and money by staying away from this site. Refer to reviews like this one above and you will easily find which sites are scams and which are not.

  • shonaparker

    I know, there are so many scam sites and very poor dating services on the internet, but that doesn't mean you can't find sites which are great. Make sure that you go through reviews like the one above. There are many review sites which are accurate. Cougarlife has a reputation for stealing people's money. I wish I knew about all these things back then when I joined it.

  • StevenSmith

    I'm happy to see that there are ways to educate people who are interested in online dating about scams like Be very careful and look around a bit before you pay for a subscription.

  • charlesnewman was the worst adult dating experience I've ever had. It's a site that will give you no real chance of getting laid. There are no active MILFs on this site and the ones who are just can't cope with the sheer number of men who are after them. Plus the site has so many faults and bugs. There are way better sites out there such as

  • JamesWilliamson

    You will be doing yourself a favor by staying away from The two weeks I tried dating through this site was a complete waste.

  • maggy83

    I'm very disappointed about the time I wasted on cougarlife more than anything. I spend a lot of time on my profile and even uploaded photos to it. None of that really worked. It was such a waste of time and effort.

  • harper.floyd

    I'm sorry to mention this, but almost all the men here experienced that when they joined Those profiles seems to belong to the same people that created this site and those messages are more likely to be automated. You will come to your senses in a few more days. I did a lot of reading and settled on which has been a very good MILF site so far.

  • XavierX

    My experience on wasn't as bad as everyone commenting here. It's only been a few days, but I have got some replies from very attractive looking cougars.

  • RevonXavior

    There are better milf dating sites out there which are way better than The first thing I noticed was that the site had so many hot looking mature women, but I later realized that those were fake profiles.

  • StefaniY

    I get the feeling that most of these fake profiles are actually made by the site it self. There are way too many of them on

  • MeganHarris

    This site isn't worth spending your money. Cougarlife isn't the safest place for women and I feel that there's no point in spending money here. I tried to put up with the nonsense on this site and actually talk to some men, but it was very difficult because the site kept throwing errors regularly and there was just too many men trying to get my attention.

  • GeorgeB

    There's way too much competition on and the site has done nothing to control the number of men vs women. You have very bad odds at getting laid here.

  • DickPreston is a complete scam. I loved the home page and I read through everything, but the site never delivered anything that they promised. It does not have that many women who are active. All you will see are profiles which are either fake or belongs to MILFs who are no longer here.


    I agree and this review can be a life saver for many. I wish I had seen something like this when I was about to join cougarlife. It was just a bad choice because the site turned out to be so bad.

  • MilisentTosh

    Just don't waste your time on because it doesn't have the quality members or tools to give you a dating experience worth talking about. They only have a very attractive landing page and a smart marketing campaign with attractive ads to get people visiting this site.

  • archie_bolton

    I had a way better experience on than I wasn't able to hook up with any woman on That site i s a complete failure.

  • AlvinK

    Don't waste your money on Cougarlife. Like this review tells you, that site just doesn't have the tools and the people to get you even close to getting laid. I tried talking to the women on there for a few weeks, but most of the women were inactive and the ones who were actually there were also leaving the site because it was a such an unfriendly community.

  • rebecca_keith

    I learned my lesson with what happened with I was very stupid to only trust what was told to me by the site. I should have gone through some reviews like this one before I paid for the membership there. I later joined and that site had so many great guys. The people on the site were very friendly and open minded. I'm having a very good time there.

  • sue.olson

    In my opinion, is the best cougar dating site out there. I had a horrid time on The men were so rude and abusive. I kept getting so many disgusting messages daily. I didn't meet a single nice man on that site.

  • Levi.Freeman

    The fact that the community on is very unruly is also having a very negative impact on the site. I won't go as far as to say that it's a scam, but it definitely isn't a good place to find nice, mature women to hook up with. I don't think that many women will want to date in environment like that, it's just way too demanding even for a man. The admins of this site really need to get things under control or else they will keep losing members.

  • HaydonBarwick

    Cougarlife is the worst adult dating site I've known. I'm not new to the online dating scene, but it was my first time trying out a MILF site. They have done well to create a very attractive home page, but that was about the only good thing about Cougarlife. I would stay away from this site if I were you.

  • AdrianB

    I went with a lot of hopes because it seemed legit, but I was wrong. This site will not get you laid. It's full of fakes and inactive people who have come and gone.

  • MikBennet

    Getting laid through is something that will never happen, so don't waste your time and money here. I was very stupid to spend my money here. Make sure that you go through more reviews like this before you make up your mind about an adult dating site.

  • ZoeCarlton

    That's very true. It's not easy to find a good sex finder site. There are so many MILF sites being advertised everywhere, it's very difficult to figure out which ones are the good ones. Cougarlife was a disappointment. I spent two weeks trying to talk to men there, but it was just not working out for me.

  • TammyOliver

    Being a woman, I really don't like adult dating sites that are full of fake profiles and abusive men. As soon as I joined, I saw so many fake profiles. The chat rooms had so much spam and people were abusing each other. It's just not the environment to hook up with people in my opinion.