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Be Prepared To Waste Your Time On – What It’s All About

You could search for a milf, cougar or cub for days on and come out empty. The site has gone so far downhill that there’s not much left. This site is so full of ads that you’ll have a hard time navigating your way back to your profile. If you download an ad-blocker, the site generates a hypnotic spiral that takes up half that page ‘warning’ you to allow ads. Everything about this site would make any person want to click away as fast as possible. There is nothing attractive that enticing the reader to stay. The site looks like someone just threw a bunch of content together and hoped for the best. Nothing screams ‘sex’ here, and I wasn’t extremely hesitant to go inside. Against everything I was feeling, I decided to sign up anyway, besides it’s a free site, what did I have to lose? The answer is a whole lot of time that I’ll never get back, and here are my results and experiences below. – Features

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Being a free site has not helped CougarPassions attain or retain members. Because this is an ad-run site, all you get is bombarded with ads before you even get to your profile. If you can finally navigate your way through all of the pop-ups, you eventually get to a pretty lengthy profile form to fill out. You can’t go any further until you fill the entire thing out, and now that I know better, I’m telling you that this is a waste of time. I filled my form out, got inside and swore to myself that I would give this site a 30 day chance to pore itself. First of all, there’s a section for ‘new members’ and when I signed on, there were zero new members. I wondered if that tracker had ever been updated or if in fact, there hadn’t been any new members in a long time. The second thing that threw me off what that I had no matches. Usually a sex site will automatically do a smart search so that you have something to start with. I had nothing. I did my search, found a few profiles nearby and sent a message to each woman. I got an automatic ‘hey sexy’ response from one, and nothing from the others. The ‘hey sexy’ girl didn’t send a single thing after that. I call scam.

After 3 months of losing extreme interest in my CougarPassions profile, I gave up. No new members, no dates, no videos, no sex. I mean, it’s always great to give things a try, but you should absolutely make this site an exception.

The Downsides to

No one cares about this site and you can see that from the home page. Nobody is updating it and there are very little if no real members, and there’s no action happening other than the popping up of ads everywhere. This site has been around for 12 years and has gained very little traction. Unfortunately, it shows both outside and inside the site. You can fill out that lengthy profile form and try your hardest to attract the local milfs and cougars you want to meet, but you’ll have no luck because no one is there. The best part of this site is that it’s free, so you don’t have to feel like you lost out on more than your time, which is still a big deal but it could be worse.

Why You shouldn’t Join

It’s a waste of time to join a site that’s going to get you no action in return. It’s torture in itself just to have to look at the bad graphics and ads. Skip this site and save your sanity. Try a better dating sites and find real success with real women. If you want to get laid, it’s not going to happen on cougarpassions. There are no cougars and no passion anywhere to be found on this site. If you accidentally click on this site, click away and find something better. You’ll be happy that you did!

User Submitted Comments

  • NewtonX

    This review is absolutely spot on! does not work, so you'll be doing yourself a favor by staying away from this site. I tried my luck on this site for a few weeks, but nothing worked here. Most of the women who were on this site seemed to be inactive or fake. I tried so many ways, but it was virtually impossible to get a reply from any woman.

  • brenda.taylor

    Save your money because you won't find anything helpful for hooking up on It's just a good looking scam site with a great marketing campaign.

  • blair.cameron is just not worth wasting time and money on. I was one of the early people who wasted a lot of money for this site because I thought that I was getting a bargain and went for a 1-year membership. I got myself out of there within weeks, because I knew that it was never going to get me laid or even get me talking to a real woman.

  • barry.hanson

    When you fall for a scam like cougarpassions, it's better to get the hell out of there rather than wasting any more time trying to make things better.

  • GennaWilson

    That's true. I wish I did that because I wasted almost a month hoping that I would get to meet a good man on, but it was too much to ask for.

  • elliot_1984 is a complete scam. You will be doing yourself a huge favor by staying away from scam sites like these. Just do a bit of reading before you pay for a sex finder site, because there are so many scams. After doing some research, I have settled to which is great.

  • Erin_Allen

    I won't go as far as to say that is a scam, but the site sure has a lot of problems. The chat has many connection problems and it's very difficult to use the video chat. The site could really do with some guidelines to make people behave better.

  • zoe.liam

    All the money I spend on was a waste, so that makes this site a scam. I couldn't hook up with a single man through this site.

  • JamesGibbs has all the ingredients of a perfect scam site. It's got a very broad and smart marketing campaign. The home page or the landing page throws some attractive stats at you which makes you want to join the site so bad. There are some fake testimonials as well. So overall, it's very hard for someone not to fall for this trap. You will be better of trying out a site like that actually delivers what they promise.

  • VernonPhil

    I recently joined and it's actually been awesome. Some really hot MILFs are talking to me and the guys on this site are fun too. It's a good place to come in and joke around.

  • alvin_new_york

    Those women who are talking to you might be the fakes run by the site itself. I got those messages when I first joined this site and I fell for that trap just like yourself. I never enjoyed spending time on this site, because the people who did so were full of nonsense. They spammed the chats and abused others. That made a very unfriendly site to say the least.

  • jacod.johanson

    I agree, the chat was down all the time on and it was impossible to do video chats. I actually managed to talk to a few women here, but there way no way of keeping in touch with them. The site did nothing to fix their weaknesses. So overall, it was a very bad experience and I will never recommend Cougarpassions to anyone.

  • brendon_m

    I honestly don't think that Cougarpassions can get anyone laid. It's just a site made to look like an adult dating site, but it never functions like one. None of the interfaces worked as I expected them to.

  • hannah_1980

    I just didn't feel like ever going on because the people on this site were very unfriendly and unruly. I kept getting all kinds of spam to my inbox as well as disgusting messages. There was no way that I was going to sleep with a man that I met on this site.

  • jack.cowan

    There are way better adult dating sites than This site just does not work. It's very difficult to talk to women here.

  • RoseyT

    They have done a great job with the home page and I was fooled by all the stats and the smooth and modern looking design. I expected the site to be just like that, but I was left shocked. The pages of Cougarpassions were just very basic and full of errors.

  • meg_haddock was one of the worst sites I've ever been on. I thought that it would be very easy getting to know men on this site because the stats they shared on through the ads I saw were very impressive. But I think most of those stats were made up. I

  • Hanz.Shepard

    I feel very stupid to have signed up on without reading reviews like the one here. I could have save a lot of time and money if I had done so.

  • ArdonGorman

    It didn't take me that long to realize that was a complete scam, but luckily I was on a free trial, so I didn't end up losing any money to this scam. During the trial period, I got some messages from very hot women, but they looked pre-written and fake. That gave me a very bad feeling about this site. I later joined which helped me hook up with so many hot cougars.

  • JessicaTower

    There are so many fake profiles on and there are no guidelines or admins to keep the site in order. It just isn't the kind of site you feel like coming on to meet people.

  • Kgibbs

    The quality of members is very important when it comes to an adult dating site and especially a MILF site, but the men who are on aren't that great. There's a lot of spam and they throw around a lot of abuse at both other men and women. I think it's a very stressful environment to anyone.

  • tara-jones

    Just make sure that you do some reading about cougarpassions before you pay for this site. You will find a lot of interesting stuff about this site that will really surprise you.

  • AshtonClooney

    I'm happy to see reviews like this which can save so many people from losing their money to scams like I wish I had come across a review like this before I joined it. It was the worst experience I had on a dating site.

  • Mr.Pasco

    This site just doesn't work and this review is right. is not the place to be if you actually want to sleep with women. It's a good site for men who like to act like idiots and waste time. Try It's one of the best sites I've been on and I won't be leaving it for a while.

  • Holly_XXX

    Cougarpassions was the worst adult dating experience I've ever had. The people on this site were so rude! I later joined which was amazing in comparison.