Is A Huge Waste Of Time And Money Is A Huge Waste Of Time And Money – What It’s All About has a low membership count which makes it hard for young men and milfs alike to find affairs. Skip this site and leave it to the pros. On a site that boasts casual hookups for busy, single moms, you would think the membership numbers would be high, but this site fails on providing the essential thing that’s going to hook people up; numbers. Other reviews claim that there are barely any profiles that are active, so I tried it for myself only to get the same results. I stayed on for 3 months hoping to get something out of it, and in the end had very little luck. has the potential to be a great, straightforward site, but lacks in too many departments to hold up. The website design could use some help, there are no extra features to keep a member enticed, and when you end up with zero dates, what’s the point?

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Cost to sign up:

Free for a basic membership
$4.99 for a 5 day trial
$13.33 a month for a three month membership (if paid for the full 3 months)
$24.99 a month on a month to month term membership

I tried for 3 months and my experience was less than desirable. Like I mentioned above, there are no extra features. What you see is what you get. You can send and receive messages, and there are some out of date videos that you can view, but that’s about it. The hardest part was finding a person to talk to. There are definitely fake profiles on this site. I sent messages out and would sometimes receive very generic responses, and when I would try to keep the conversation going, the ‘woman’ would be nowhere to be found. Fake profiles and a lack of conversation made lasting 3 months extremely trying. I sucked it up, sent out tons of messages, and wasn’t successful at all. In 3 months, I didn’t have 1 lasting conversation, and didn’t plan or go on any dates. There are no lonely local milfs on this site. It’s a site full of fake profiles and misleading testimonials. I’m calling this site a scam!

The Downsides to

There are many downsides to For one, the profiles are fake. There are not enough real members on this site, so the creators have added fake profiles to try and get guys to stay on as long as possible. There are also no extra features, so even if you wanted to pay a little extra to get some action, that’s not a possibility. When you’re on a site for 3 months, you should be able to find and plan at least one date. There was nothing like that happening on meetlocalmilfs. There are no real milfs to be found. The design of the site was bad enough, and sometimes you can ignore the look of a site as long as you’re getting some action, but that wasn’t the case here. A cheesy site that doesn’t deliver is the worst kind of site out there. I would love to get those 3 months back, but I’m glad that I can forward on some valuable information that might save another poor sucker the effort.

Why You shouldn’t Join

There are many reasons that you shouldn’t join and should join any other milf sex site instead. Save your money for something that’s going to guarantee you a date, or at the very least, some online excitement. If you can’t find anything satisfying on a sex site, then there is no point in joining. This review should serve as a warning that there are so many other sites worthy of your time and money, and that this one just isn’t one of them. Joining would be a mistake. There are no legit hookups to be had here. You can tell from first glance that the likelihood of a good hookup is extremely minimal with meetlocalmilfs, and you should head with caution. If you’re looking for local milfs, this isn’t the site for you! Venture elsewhere for better luck.

User Submitted Comments

  • PeterH

    This review is accurate and all the above comments support it. is a complete scam. Just don't waste your money here. There are better sites like and Try one of those.

  • Mary82

    I agree. I was just shocked when I saw how bad some of the features of Meetlocalmilfs. I first thought that the site was under maintenance to be honest.

  • JarrodH

    I honestly don't think that anyone could make functional to be honest. It's just a bunch of pages put together. Most of the functionalities of this site will never work unless you develop them from the scratch. This review is true and it seems that the people who created this site never wanted it to work.

  • seth.mckinnel

    The time and money I spent on were all a waste. I just don't understand why people turn to scams like this to make money. I think at least some people could have got what they wanted through this site if they made it a bit more functional.

  • Beth_XXX

    You can find many reviews and top 10s and top 5s on the internet when it comes to milf sites or sex finder sites. Make sure that you go through them before joining a site like The site that I'm on right now is great ( and I got to know about it through an article like that.

  • Dr.Preston

    There's a lot of help to figure out if a site is legit on the internet. There are many user reviews similar to this one. I only checked them after I realized that something was wrong about meetlocalmilfs. It was too late to do anything at that point other than not wasting any more time on there.

  • JackFrost

    What's a good way to find out if a site is a scam? I almost joined last week!!

  • janet-husk

    I couldn't agree more and I hope that there are more and more reviews like this one. New adult dating sites pop up all the time and it's very hard for people to find out if they are good or not. is a scam and I'm happy that people are getting to know about that.

  • freddy_boy

    Do a lot of reading before you spend your money on dating sites. There are so many bad sites as well as scams aimed at ripping you off. There are so many review sites like this one where you can double check before spending money. I was stupid to fall for, but that will never happen again.

  • JamesGarner

    Make sure that you don't join a site just because it has an impressive landing page. That's the mistake that most people made when they joined including myself. The home page was full of dreamy stats which were probably made up and I fell for the trap.

  • Eliza-1977

    There are so many scams in guise of adult dating sites and was one of the best of those lot. They had done a very smart job by creating a very attractive home page to lure people in.

  • lionel_keller

    There will always be scams in adult dating because there's a lot of money thrown at it. More and more people are resorting to the internet to find love and sex. I'm happy that I learned my lesson through That failure lead me to which turned out to be the site I expected to be.

  • Jimmy88

    I won't go as far as to say that Meetlocalmilfs is a complete scam because I managed to talk to women on this site. However, there were so many men on here than women, so it was impossible to keep in touch with them. It's not fair to call a site a scam just because you didn't get results.

  • TimJones

    I wasted a lot of money on because I went for the 1 year subscription. I was thinking that I was saving money!

  • RobertaL

    Meetlocalmilfs is a scam site infested with fake profiles and abusive and disrespectful people. I joined this site and I thought that it would be easy to get to know the men, but there was a lot of pressure because there were so many of them. Plus the chat was never working.

  • emma_wally

    I don't care about the money I lost to but it was the abuse that I had to go through on a daily basis that makes me very angry. I used to get spam and disgusting messages every day and that was the reason I decided to leave that site.

  • Roy_1988

    There are so many great milf sites on the internet that actually can get you hooked up with amazing looking cougars. Unfortunately is not one of them.

  • BlakeJunior

    If you think is going to get you laid, you're wrong! It's a site with an attractive home page intended on misleading people. Do a bit of digging and find some review sites like this one and you will find the trust about If I were you, I'd spend my money on which is exactly what I did.

  • LukeWright stole my money! It never even got me close to getting laid. I couldn't even talk to a woman for weeks!

  • TheaR

    Anyone with a bit of money can put up a site like Meetlocalmilfs and get some fake testimonials to make it look real. They have invested a lot on the landing page which is smart and that exactly where I was fooled into thinking that this site was real. Do your home work before you spend your money on pretty much anything online. That's what I learned from all this.

  • Ace1988

    Just don't waste your money on It's a scam site and it will never be able to get you laid. I know that they have a very attractive home page with some impressive stats, but they are all fake.

  • DebzLiamson

    I agree with you, the fact that the site is full of bugs and abuse and that no admin is taking action to fix those things pretty much concludes that is a scam. If it was a real adult dating site, they would be quick to fix those problems.

  • david_morrison

    @Jimmy88 Did you get the desired result from I don't think so. Obviously, women were also fooled into thinking that this was a legitimate site, so there may have been some women around. That doesn't make this site legit.

  • Alex89

    Save the trouble if you are thinking about joining to hook up with hot, mature women, because it's not going to happen. Just like 90% of the people who have commented here, I joined this site and it was a disaster. I wasted a lot of time on my profile thinking that it was something to do with that. Later I realized that no one really stayed on this site for that long. It's a scam.

  • GordonH

    I know what you mean and that was something which was really off-putting about I realized that no woman would want to hook up in an environment like this. I just couldn't see how a woman could trust someone that they met on this site. It was impossible.

  • peter_lambert

    I think no one likes to be cheated and more and more people start realizing that, they become frustrated. I saw that happen to me on, but I'm not giving excuses. There's no need to behave life that.

  • Jasper1985 is the worst sex finder site I've been on. I was a member of and I thought that this one was better than that. I was wrong! I actually got laid a few times through that site. To leave it and fall for this scam was very very stupid in my part.

  • Tedd_Henry

    There are so many things against you on such as fake profiles, poor interfaces, bad behavior so you are more likely to get tired of this site before anything happens.

  • stefani_pollar

    We need more reviews like this to save people from falling for scams such as The site looked so attractive and legitimate, I joined it without giving it any thought. That proved to be a mistake. It's not the site that they claim it to be. You will never be able to get to know anyone here.

  • mike.nobert

    I don't blame the men for being rude and unpleasant. People get made when they have been cheated. When I realized that I felt very angry. They cheated my hard earned money. Meetlocalmilfs is a complete scam.

  • RebeccaXXX

    I think the site has created some fake profiles to mislead people. I wasn't active for more than a few days on this site. I knew that I didn't stand a chance of meeting a good person through this site. There was a lot of men fighting and the chat rooms were full of abuse when they weren't having connection problems. Just stay away from and save your money.

  • CharleyXXX

    That's true and this review is right, no woman on will reply to your messages, because they are either inactive or fake. I had better luck on

  • Patrick88 was the worst experience I've had on an adult dating site. I signed up because I thought that it was the best site to find cougars to hook up with. However, what I saw when I entered the site was something completely different. It's doesn't seem to have women who are active or real. It's full of men who are desperately trying to talk to women who never reply.

  • SeanCasper

    I agree, most of the profiles of MILFs on seems to be fake or inactive. I tried getting a response, but nothing worked. The site seems to be full of abusive and unfriendly people too.

  • HarryB

    MeetLocalMilfs is a scam site. I tried talking to women on this site for a few weeks, but I had no luck. I'm impressed that all of the women's profiles on this site are either fake or inactive.

  • heather_miller

    I had a similar experience with It's not the site that you might think it is when you look at their landing page. It's full of errors and connection failures. Plus I'm not sure if that many people are using it.

  • brett.fallon

    It's funny that you left a perfectly legit site and fell for the scam that is meetlocalmilfs. At least this was my first attempt at adult dating, so I think I can have some relief.

  • JessDavids is the least likely place to find hook ups. It's full of unfriendly people and fake profiles. Most of the time, you can't do anything on the chat. It was such a bad experience. I'm pretty sure that this site was just made to make money by fooling them to believe that they'd get laid through it. It's the worst adult dating site imaginable!

  • WhitneyKeller

    I just don't understand why there are so many unfriendly and rude me on! Judging from the comments and this review, it may be a scam site, but why are people so abusive and rude here? I was on this site for a week and I just couldn't tolerate the drama.

  • HannahJ

    I don't think they wanted this site to work at all. Whoever developed just wanted to finish the job. The money I spent on this site went to waste. Just don't make the same mistake as I did.

  • amelia83

    I agree, meetlocalmilfs can't be a real adult dating site. There's no way that someone could get laid on this site. I actually managed to meet a nice guy on this site, but it was virtually impossible to keep in touch due to the numerous error that I consistently got.

  • Steven.Allen

    Back off if you are thinking about getting the subscription on It's a scam site and it will never ever get you laid! The site is full of idiots who are probably spending their last few days on the site and it's full of errors. There's no way that this is a real dating site.

  • KennyF

    I wasted a month on during which time I had to put up with so much nonsense from idiotic people who were wasting time on this site. I later decided to join which gave me results in quick time. So this review is spot on. Just stay away from, it's no good.

  • OliverS

    A teenager could develop a better dating site than It has so many bugs and it's impossible to talk to anyone.

  • BridgetL

    I think those sites were developed by the same people who created this site. Either that or the women you were talking to decided to try their luck on a better site. has to be one of the worst sites on the internet. Its interfaces never work. There are so many bugs. I'm pretty sure the people who developed this site never wanted it to serve a purpose.

  • Bcooper

    When I first joined, I received a few messages from very hot looking milfs. That kept me believing that this site would finally work, but I was wrong. Those messages stopped quickly and I was never able to talk to any woman on this site.

  • mia_knight

    That's true, I quickly realized that was a scam. It only took me an hour or two. I was never going to go out with a man I met there. It's the worst dating site I've ever seen.

  • HarryW

    I spent hours on my profile. Imagine my disappointment when I got no replies from so hot looking milfs here. Later I came in to my senses and realized that these profiles were probably fake or abandoned a long time ago. No woman in her right mind would stay on a site like this.

  • SarahP

    I joined with high hopes of meeting nice men who were into more mature women of my age. I liked what they had on their home page and things looked very real. However, once I got the membership and logged in, I realized that it wasn't what they promised. It wasn't the type of site that could get anyone hooked up. I felt very unsafe there and I couldn't get anything done.