Get Everything You Want With Tonight

Get Everything You Want With Tonight

Why Gets You Laid

There are millions of members online, and as soon as you log in, you’re connected with every available milf in your area looking for sex. There are single women, married women, and every other mature woman in between looking for sex tonight. I never had to wait long when I was looking for sex! I signed up and within an hour had a few dates set in place. I ended up having sex that weekend with one of my matches. There are never any guarantees with online dating, but with, you can tell from first sight that members are here for one reason and one reason only. Getting laid is the main objective, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you take the time to get to know your local matches. Try it tonight and you won’t be disappointed! I speak from experience, this site is amazing.

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The cost to sign up:

$8.90 for a 3 day trial subscription
$29.95 for a 1 month subscription
$49.95 for a 2 month subscription
$69.90 for a 3 month subscription

Out of the 50 messages sent, there were 50 responses, as well as a few extra messages from women that I didn’t message first. I would say that’s an above average response rate on a sex site! lives up to its reputation of being the hottest milf site on the web. There are tons of milfs looking for dates, and you’re always connecting with your matches. I found that it was better to be a little bit personal in your first messages sent to your matches. Instead of starting with:

“Hi, How are you?”


“I Noticed that you said you love wine, what’s your favorite?”

The simplest little details show that you’re interested in more than just sex. Even if that is your end goal, you get so much more when you make a little conversation. Spending time reading my matches profiles got me a ton more dates. I found that building a better connection helped me score 2nd and 3rd dates with the same women, too! I had the best hookups and I definitely owe it all to the approach. I love to be stimulated intellectually and Milfaholic had more women eager to chat before getting naked. It was the perfect balance for all around satisfaction.

How To Get The Most Out Of

Make sure you are responding to the local milfs that want to get laid. Steer clear of any that are on the fence so that you don’t waste valuable sex time. Get what you want by using your time online to set a date, and then follow through with it. For the best results, it’s best to send at least 10-20 messages a day. Those numbers are proven to get you laid on this site. The more messages I sent, the more responses I received so I always had something on the go. Be adventurous and message matches you might not think will message you back. You’d be surprised at how many responses you’ll get from the hottest local milfs online. Take chances on this site to get more out of it.

It’s also beneficial to accept private viewing invites. Members have the option to invite you to a private area full of even more sexy pics, and even videos. Get to know someone better by seeing more of what they have to offer. You can also create your own private area. You’ll see who’s really interested when you start to invite potential lovers. Sometimes you don’t have to make a date to have a good time. There are a lot of good times to be had online. I loved the private viewing options. If I wasn’t free for a date, I could view a private profile and have a lot of fun with a local hottie in the comfort of my own home. I love a site that gives you options. Not everyone has the same life or the same routine, so it’s nice to be able to have fun on a site even when you can’t physically meet up with one of your matches. I’ve yet to run out of things to do here and I want to keep coming back because I always find something different. If you’re open to trying new things, you’re going to love this site. Don’t just take my word for it though and try it for yourself.

The Downsides Of has covered all of their bases when it comes to any ‘downsides’. I loved everything about this site. I only had ONE question that wasn’t on the FAQ page and I messaged customer service and got an immediate response. They have an online chat so that if you have any questions, you don’t have to wait to get an answer. I personally love that because I hate waiting. Almost everything is covered on the FAQ page so it’s unlikely that you’ll even need further assistance.

Why You Should Join is a site that you have to be a member of to truly appreciate. There is so much to see and do and the members are amazing. There is a 3-day trial period that allows you to test the waters before you sign up for a longer term, so I’d suggest you do that if you’re not 100% sure. Trust me, you will want to sign up for a full membership after your first minute on this site! There’s nothing better than finding a site that fits your local dating needs, and Milfaholic is absolutely that site. Milfaholic worked for me, and I’ve told a few friends about it. Their experiences were just as amazing. We all got laid and had a great time meeting women that weren’t just great lovers but great conversationalists, too! There might be other milf sites out there, but Milfaholic will help you find what you’re looking for.

Finding sex online is topping the dating world right now. People are busy stuck in their own routines and just want to experience something stress-free. More and more people are being adventurous and trying online dating sites than ever before. Forget swiping left and right and try something more engaging. Milfaholic is for younger men and older women who want to connect in their city, and who want to do it without any hassles. Find your best matches online with a dating site that knows what you want. You’ll see for yourself the kind of women that are online to meet as soon as you hit the home page. Feast your eyes on hot milfs that are good to go, and then get in there with your charm.

User Submitted Comments

  • Savannah80

    I think the men in general on milfaholic help too for women to be trusting and friendly. I have never come across guys who are rude or fake. That helps a lot!

  • MasonTaylor

    I have preferred mature women all my life. Back in college, I used to go to bars that older women hung out at. I wish I had known about back then.

  • malcolm_ferry

    The best thing about is the quality of women! They are really hot and awesome to spend time with.

  • sarah_hunter

    I'm new to and a guy just asked me out. I like him, but I'm not sure how long I should wait until I go out with someone...

  • Gerta_Miami

    There's no idea time for you to go out with a man through Milfaholic. The important thing is to make sure that you know them well enough before you agree to go out.

  • brent_calvin

    Trust is the biggest factor when you consider going out with someone I guess. If you trust this person enough and have gotten to know them well enough, you should go ahead without worrying how long you've know him. I've gone out with women on in less than a week after meeting them, because we got to know each other very quickly.

  • BrettPrice

    Yes, you can even get to know a person enough on within days if you spend enough time talking. So how soon you go out with a guy doesn't really matter.

  • Heather85

    I usually take between 5-7 days to go out with men on, but I have gone out with men sooner because either I had gotten to know them quickly or I knew someone that they went out with. So you don't really have to worry about how many days you've known a person. Just ask yourself the question whether you trust this guy enough to go out and hook up. That should be it.

  • JuliaN

    I agree with Heather85's comment. The time that you've known a person is really irrelevant on milfaholilc. If you trust the person, you should always go out and hook up. There's no need to waste time.


    I once went out with a woman after 2 days of getting to know her through It's just a matter of having fun and trust.

  • jackson_p

    Yes, if you're not sure if a woman is going to agree to go on a date, you shouldn't ask them out. Things can get weird if the answer is a 'no', so make sure that you time that step to perfection. Registering on milfaholic was one of the best things I've done in the past five years towards my social life. Thanks to this site, I've met so many women and some of my wildest dreams have come true!

  • jack.christian

    I agree, by asking a woman out without knowing them will waste all the progress that you've made. I usually like to take my time when I ask a woman out on I make sure that they know me enough and that I have a very good chance of getting a date.

  • carson.lane

    As soon as I joined, I thought that it'd would be next to impossible to get to know the women here because they super hot, but to my surprise, they were so eager to meet people and I could get to know so many great looking women within the first week itself.

  • Angelo80

    Milfaholic boasts of a very friendly atmosphere. The members are very polite and they take their dating seriously. The administrators have done a great job by creating a vibrant yet friendly environment here.

  • LionelHarvey

    How long does it usually take to go out with a woman and hook up on

  • stefanbronze

    That usually depends on the two people involved and how much time you spend on getting to know each other. The more you talk to a woman while making progress, the quicker you will hook up. Usually, everyone's on the same page about why people are on so no one wants to waste time, so it's bound to happen quickly.

  • jessica-hope

    I agree, I never wait around too much when it comes to hooking up with a man through As soon as I feel that I like him and it's safe to go meet him, I make it happen.

  • HelenG

    It usually doesn't take me more than a week to go out and hook up with a guy through I like to keep things moving, so as soon as I feel comfortable trusting a man, I go for it!

  • MarkoSolo

    No one on will want to intentionally delay hooking up with someone. It's why they are on this site! To hook up with people so everyone's doing their best to make it happen. I usually don't worry about how soon it will happen. If you are talking to a woman well and if things are going nicely, it will happen eventually. So make sure that you put in the time and get to know the person. You will have a great time later.

  • VernonMcdonald

    @MarkoSolo you got it figured out haven't you?! That's the key to online dating. People spoil all their progress by being inpatient. I've had great results on milfaholic with a similar attitude.

  • kathy.sullivan

    I love you guys' attitude and it's really true about being patient and focusing on getting to know people on rather than trying too hard to make things happen so quickly. I'm the type of woman who doesn't like to be pushed too much and I'm sure that most women are the same. So if you're being impatient and asking the question all the time, you're bound to not get laid.

  • MaxBurns

    True. Most of the time, women take a week or so to come out and hook up with me, but that doesn't mean I haven't gotten lucky in lesser time. If you spend more time talking to a person than usually, you're bound to get laid faster on

  • JarrodFredrick sounds great and I'm impressed by the user comments on this review. I've tried to find a good sex finder site for a long time with milfs with no luck. I'm really considering joining this site. Sounds like everyone's having lots of fun here. How's the site when it comes to user-friendliness?

  • BobbyM

    I've been on many sex finder sites and in my opinion has one of the smoothest running user friendly sites. It's never thrown me unexpected bugs. The chat rooms are great. No connection problems or delays. It's easy to figure out and simple. It's exactly what I was looking for.

  • Jonah90

    I agree, I'm a man and even I feel nervous video chatting with a woman for the first time on, but it's totally worth all that because within minutes all that will disappear and you'll start making real progress!

  • stefani_botham

    What kind of photos should I ideally upload to my profile? There are very sexy looking profiles on here and I feel like creating a similar one. There seems to be so many hot looking guys on this site and I can't wait to start talking to them. One of my friends have been telling me to sign up for months now and I finally gave in. I'm already happy that I did!

  • MaggyW

    I have uploaded some sexy looking photos to my milfaholic profile and they've brought me a lot of success. There are so many ladies on this site so it's a good idea to be competitive.

  • BrendonJ

    I love going through the profiles on There are so many sexy cougars on this site and they are so nice to. It's not that hard to start talking to them and get to know them. You really don't have to be a pro to hook up with a hot milf on this site. I just love it!

  • david_1990

    I have seen all kinds of profiles on and the sexier one naturally have caught my attention more. I get it why women feel the need to look and feel sexy on a site like this. There are as many women as men on this site so there's a bit of competition, but I don't think that's they only reason why the milfs on this site upload sexy and revealing photos. I think it's a site where they can express themselves without being judged and that's great.

  • mathew_bolt

    The MILFs on are just awesome! They are very confident and I love going through their profiles and getting in touch with them. I've had some of the best nights of my life with the women I've met on this site.

  • george_oliver

    If you are looking hot cougars, is the ideal site for you. You will find all kinds of great looking mature women on this site and it's really easy getting to know them.

  • Trish.McDonald

    I've been dating on milfaholic for close to four months now and it's the best dating site that I've been on for older women. It's a community that I'm happy and proud to be a part of and I'm very happy about the members too. They are polite and nice. You don't have to put up with any nonsense too. Admins are strict and they make sure that everyone obeys the rules and keeps the site positive and clean.

  • robin.nesbie

    Five out of five stars for It's the site that I've been looking for a while now. You don't get any other site for MILFs which is this great!

  • christina1983

    Video chats can be scary or uncomfortable initially, but they are totally worth it. They give you the chance to see the person live which is something the PM or chat can do for you. And you can get to know a person rather quickly through the video chat compared to other methods on milfaholic.

  • MiaK

    I feel really shy to video chat on I've been talking to a man for three days now and he wants to video chat. I would like to but I'm shy at the same time.

  • jasintha.gatte

    I'm not the most tech-savvy person and it was important that I found a site which was easy to use and figure out. has the most simple yet effective user interfaces. They work nicely and helps you get things done quickly.

  • LeonardNewton

    What I love about the pages on is that they are very simple and smooth. I've been on sites where you had to spend so much time filling out all kinds of forms to run a search. Most sites over-complicate things and has done a great job by keeping things simple.

  • VaughanS

    Been on so many sex finder sites where it took me so much time to do the simplest things. has pages which work great without having to go through all kinds of nonsense. The people who have designed this site has done a great job!

  • RowandaMaye

    Just registered on and I was just wondering what was the best way to communicate with the men here. There are so many great looking me on this site and I just can't wait to get started. The chat seems to be fine, but I really like the private message function too.

  • JeramiahK

    I almost always use the chat on because it's fast and helps you get to know a person really quickly. The fact that you can have multiple chats at the same time is also a plus. Once I get to know a woman enough, I usually move conversations to the video chat which is way more fun!

  • FredrickColt

    I don't usually use the PM unless I know the woman and they are offline. The chat on Milfaholic is the way to go.

  • Tessa.Kelly

    Some men have approached me through PM on and I understand why they preferred it over the chat. Their messages were detailed and descriptive. I liked the fact that they took the time to share details about themselves with me, so I replied.

  • DexterBedford

    @Tessa.Kelly I'm exactly the same! I like to take my time when I write to a woman on That way I can think about what I'm writing. The chat moves a bit too fast for my liking. However, I love video chats.

  • IanB

    There are pros and cons to both methods in my opinion. The chat moves faster, so you can get to know someone very quickly on through the chat. It's more fun too. The PM on the other hand gives you more time to make yourself clearer and express yourself better. However, it takes time. I think it depends on the person more than anything.

  • PattrickC

    I just love spending my time on It's fun and gets you results for your time. I've met some amazing milfs through this site and I will never ever use another dating site. This one's got everything covered.

  • harry_p in my opinion is the best website to find hot and nice mature women to date. I've been a member of this site close to a year now and it's been a great experience. The women I've met on this site proved to be great. They were fun to be around with and were amazing to hook up with.

  • KenethBarns

    I've been on so many cougar websites and I was surprised when I first came on milfaholic. The women were just gorgeous and welcoming. They wanted to meet new people and it was so easy to fit in. What surprised me the most were the dudes. They were calm and collected. No one gets in each other's way which is awesome. I have seen so many stupid arguments and fights on sex finder sites which kills the fun. This site is way better than those!

  • DannyGrisham

    I agree. I just don't know why men become idiots when they go on an adult dating site! I just love the way things work on Everyone's calm and they go about their business without bothering anyone else. The milfs are pretty awesome too!

  • PeterCasper

    What kind of women do you usually get to meet on I like the mature and intellectual kind.

  • CaltonS

    Personally, I wanted to meet all kinds of mature women when I first joined It was my way of exploring my sexuality and I really needed to meet as many of them and hook up with them. has gave me everything I expected of it. The women were amazing and they came from all walks of life. I didn't have to spend a lot of time too.

  • BlackHadley

    You do get cougars from all kinds of backgrounds and looks on Milfaholic. It's pretty much heaven for anyone who wants to sleep with a hot cougar!

  • Hannah1970

    I personally know many women who are dating on from my area. It's like a fun loving circle and we come from all walks of life and professions. It's so much fun to share experiences and hang out. I felt very happy and confident about the person I am after joining this site. It's a great place for an older woman to meet hot guys.

  • bradley.miles

    You will not meet M.I.L.Fs as hot as the ones you will met on milfaholic!! That's a fact! This is the site to be if you are into cougars and there are thousands of them! Getting in touch with them and hooking up takes very little time and effort.

  • alex_smith

    How long does it usually take to hook up with a hot milf on I'm really into mature women and I can't wait to start dating on this site.

  • StevenSmiths

    Save your money, this site isn't going to get you laid unless you have a lot of time to spend! I joined a few months ago and I just couldn't get to know any woman on this site enough to go out and hook up with them. It just takes up so much time. I wanted a site which could get me laid without having to spend hours on it, this wasn't it.

  • natasha_boston

    I know exactly what you mean. I love the way guys conduct themselves on Milfaholic. It makes hooking up so much easier and quicker.

  • Rozzane.Lowe

    I'm highly impressed by how men treat the women on I mean sure the rules are there to stop people from abusing each other and doing all kinds of stupid things, but still things can get ugly and the men on this site show a lot of character when it comes to engaging with women.

  • JoshouaSmith

    When you think about hooking up with a MILF, you just experience a level of sexual experience that you can't find with younger women. At least that's why I was attracted to older women. The few that I had been with prior to joining milfaholic were just awesome. They knew exactly what they were doing in bed and I learnt quite a lot from them. The ladies that I met through milfaholic were exactly what I was looking for when I subscribed.

  • MikeBrown

    For me it's just not all about experience. I just love talking to a woman with a matured view about things. I'm just fed up of young women who just don't seem to have clear views about anything at all. It's a lot fun hanging out with a milf and hooking up with them if it ever came to that. Milfaholic is a great place to do that.

  • christopher_1987

    It's so much more fun having sex with a milf. That's a fact and is pretty much the best site right now to score!

  • ColbyH

    I know that most men have fantasies about hooking up with older women. I wanted to do that ever since I was in high school. I was going through a break up from a long-term relationship and I felt like it was time to fulfill one of my old fantasies, so I got the membership here on I was surprised to find out that it wasn't just about sex. I actually enjoyed hanging out with these really cool mature ladies.

  • SallyH

    People are quick to judge when they see an older woman looking for sex. I didn't have the best time on normal adult dating sites, but milfaholic was ideal. People were very understanding and never judged me.

  • SeanC

    I get what you mean. People try to put a tag on pretty much everything that they see. I've been on other dating sites where I've seen mature women being verbally abused in so many ways. It's great that the people who run don't let that kinda thing happen.

  • BeatriceHerman

    @SallyH I know exactly what you mean! It's so hard for a mature woman to hook up on other dating sites! They are full of idiots, both men and women. I found milfaholic to be a much safer and more comfortable environment for me.

  • Judith86

    There are many young men on, but you never come across those immature 'boys' on this site which is something great!

  • patt_jones is the best sex finder site when it comes to MILFs. It's full of fun and attractive mature women who are looking for quick hook ups. There's no other site that offer odds as good as this one.

  • AldousS

    You do have to spend some time getting to know a woman before you expect them to come out to hook up with you. Nothing's going to come so quickly. I've been on many other similar sites and I feel that milfaholic takes much lesser time in comparison.

  • Becky-Yates

    I agree, I mean you can't start talking to a woman and expect her to instantly come out and hook up with you. You need to develop some trust on Milfaholic before you get to the good stuff.

  • Sue.J

    When I went through a divorce in my 40s, I thought that my love life was over and I'd be unhappy all my life. I never knew that it was so easy to meet nice men on the internet. One of my friends told me about and things started working out for me within a week. It was great! I must mention how nice the men are on this site. It's a scary feeling meeting someone that you met on the internet, but people on this site make it easier.

  • JamesH

    I know the feeling of impatience when you join an adult dating site. You just want to get on with things and start talking to people. However, taking an hour or two to complete the profile is going to help you immensely. It's a great way to attract the right people towards you and keep away the kind of people who doesn't get along with you. I took a bit of time to finish my milfaholic profile, but I think that it was worth the time and effort.

  • noah_boston

    I completely agree with JamesH's comment above. Taking a bit of time to complete your profile is really going to help your cause on

  • RoweyLiam

    I couldn't agree more about the fact that a good profile directing the right people towards you. If you have a detailed and honest profile, it's going to send you good matches. That will ultimately make sure that you won't waste time with the wrong people on I don't sleep with a man whom I don't get along with, so the profile is the best way to avoid inconveniences like that.

  • SamH

    All the dates that I've been on through have ended with sex and I think that I must thank my profile as well as patience for that.

  • AppolloX

    Very true, you need to be patient in adult dating. I hear people trying to come in and start hooking up from the get go, but sometimes, it doesn't work like that. You need to spend a little time getting to know a woman until a you know them enough to ask them out. It took me a while to get things going on, but I'm glad that I stuck to it.

  • xavior.harper

    Well it takes way too much time for me. I joined because I didn't have hours to spend on dating, so this site was a disappointment to say the least. It doesn't get you laid as quickly as it claims.

  • ruby_samson

    You can't be realistic if you expect a woman to come out and hook up with you hours after meeting you online. At least, I don't know any woman who'd do that. You need to put a bit of time on milfaholic or any other dating site to make a woman feel confident about coming out to meet you.

  • DonaldL

    I agree, you need to be cool an give a woman some time to get to know you. It's just not going to be fun it you hurry into something and she's uncomfortable. I'd rather spend a few days extra to have a great time. The women on in general are very open minded and they don't like wasting time either. So with a bit of patience, you can hook up with so many chicks there.

  • jonathan_priest

    The women on are the best. Not only they are super hot, they are open minded and cool. I love spending time on this site and getting to know women.

  • betty.graham

    It doesn't take all that time and it depends on the person too. However, it's so important too, so my advise is to take your time and complete an attractive profile in order to have better chances of finding great matches on

  • haydonp

    How long does it usually take to finish the profile on milfaholic?

  • hannah_simpson

    I agree, the quality of members on is very good. It really helps women to trust the men that they meet on this site.

  • janet80

    The site that I'm currently on has so many fake profiles and people are so rude. Do you have problems like that on milfaholic?

  • KyleGriffin

    It's really annoying when there are fake profiles around because that really makes getting to know people hard and wastes a lot of time. Luckily does not have that many fake profiles. It's something that I checked as soon as I joined this site. The previous site that I was on was plagued with fakes.

  • Leah_Tally

    I find it very difficult to trust a man that I'm talking to when there are fake profiles on that site. It makes things very difficult. You don't know whether to trust a person or not and hooking up takes so much time. The admins of Milfaholic have put together a set of guidelines and made sure that people stuck to them and I think that has made the site very clean.

  • Alwin_Monk has to be one of the cleanest sites around. You won't see people doing all kinds of nonsense. No fake identities or spam. I haven't seen much abuse either. People are laid back and polite. They go about their business without wasting anyone's time.

  • RoyBennet

    I agree, I hate it when people get in to all kinds of useless arguments and spoil everyone's fun. You will never see that happening on milfaholic.

  • MatildaSmith

    Love the fact that is full of polite and patient people. You don't get the kind of people that abuse you and push you to come out and see them. I have experienced so much of that on other similar sites. The friendly atmosphere on this site makes me want to socialize more and more as well as spend more time here.

  • JoanneK

    I know exactly what you mean! I love being on this site and getting to know people. There are so many handsome and interesting men on and it's so much fun!

  • Will1988

    When I joined, I thought that it was going to be full of women who were just good looking, but intellectually boring. I was wrong! I have enjoyed all the dates that I've been on. I made sure that I was very honest when I made my profile here and I think that has enabled me to find great matches.

  • Mr.Fraser

    The great thing about is that you can join the site and start chatting to women straight away. On all the sites that I have been on, it took me a while to get to know the people from my area and it wasn't as easy. In comparison, the women on are much friendlier.