Why You Shouldn’t Even Think Of Joining Milfdating.com

Why You Shouldn’t Even Think Of Joining Milfdating.com

MilfDating.com – What It’s All About

Milfdating.com leaves little to the imagination, and doesn’t deliver on the hookups that it promises. It leaves members disappointed with fake profiles. A milf dating site is generally full of hot milfs looking for younger guys, and younger guys looking for milfs. That’s as simple as it gets. With Milfdating.com, there’s a lack of good looking members, and too many profiles that are absolutely fake. When you get responses that have nothing to do with your initial message, you can bet that you’re not talking to a real person. Many users have given this site a thumbs down, and now I know why.

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MilfDating.com – Features

Cost to sign up:

Free for a MILF Dating standard membership
3-Day Trial – $7.95
Premium Monthly Membership – $29.95
3 Month Premium Membership – $39.99

With your 3-day trial, you cannot send messages. You can receive them, but then have no option to respond unless you upgrade your account to a monthly membership. Your 3-day trial membership allows you to look around, check out member profiles, click on links to see where they take you, and that’s about it. If you upgrade your membership you can do pretty much everything you can do on a sex site, but there are limited features. There are no private rooms to view, and your matches are pretty limited.

I tried the site for 3 months, and ended up with zero dates.

The Downsides to MilfDating.com

The membership is not attractive and there isn’t a lot to choose from. On a sex site, you’re usual automatically sent a bunch of matches, and then have the option to venture out further. With Milfdating.com, you get what you get, which isn’t much. I sent messages to a handful of matches a day and I got little to no response. On occasion, I would start a conversation with a local milf and find the responses very odd, almost automatically rehearsed. I know that there are fake profiles out there and this site takes the cake for fake accounts. I had no luck with a real woman, and therefore went on ZERO dates. A sex site that makes it this difficult to find sex, shouldn’t call itself a sex site.

There are also no extra features to offer to help boost your chances of finding sex. On most sex sites there are private rooms, VIP options, and at the very least, private videos. Milfdating.com didn’t have any of these things. It was a frustrating experience to try and look for the good in this site when there wasn’t much, if anything at all, to find.

Why You shouldn’t Join MilfDating.com

Having to enter a credit card and pay for a 3-day trial for the most limited access I have ever encountered was crazy. When you pay to read but can’t send messages, I don’t understand the point. With so many fake member profiles, and little to no response from matches, it’s a wonder this site still exists at all. I would warn anyone to STAY AWAY from this site. Take this review as a preliminary caution and spend your money elsewhere if you want to find sex tonight. I found no upsides to Milfdating.com to justify even trying it out one time. There are many more successful milf sex sites that will get you laid, and won’t take your money unless they do. Try out the ones that I had better luck on and steer clear of MilfDating. Save yourself the time and effort and avoid this scam at all costs. There are far better online dating experiences waiting to be had on sites that deserve your business. Tell your friends and pass along the word to anyone you know either seeking a milf hookup or in the mood to date younger guys. You could save someone else a lot of time and effort.

User Submitted Comments

  • HanaT

    Milfdating.com was a big disappointment. So far, it's the worst adult dating site I have tried. I'm a single mother and I was impressed by what I saw on their home page, but it was a lie. Just stay away from this site, it's no good.

  • jackson.pruitt

    Milfdating.com had so many problems from members to connection troubles. It's not the site or service that I paid my money for. They promised that they'd provide the tools necessary to communicate with the women on this site, but they failed to do that. It's a scam site in every sense of that word.

  • zeb.lee

    Thank you so much for bringing in to light about the lie which is www.milfdating.com. I lost my subscription money to them and the site was the worst dating site imaginable!

  • braydon_guff

    MilfDating.com isn't worth spending your money on. I tried it for a few weeks, but I couldn't get a single reply from the seemingly nice MILFs on this site. I don't think any of them actually saw my messages, because this site has all the ingredients to make the perfect scam site. Just try a better site like Lonelywifehookup.com, this one's not worth it.

  • mia_chang

    I had high hopes on Milfdating.com and I thought that it was the site which was going to re-activate my sex life. Well, I was wrong! It didn't even come close to that!

  • matilda-palmer

    It's not worthy spending your time and money trying to meet men through www.milfdating.com. This site just doesn't work and the people running the site just doesn't want to fix things. You are better off on another site which has better value for money. These people never respect their members once they have got their subscription money. You will never hear from them again.

  • BeauFreeman

    I'm one of those people who actually got the annual membership on Milfdating.com and lost a lot of money. I tried everything I could before I finally got myself out of there.

  • EvanC

    There are so many great adult dating sites out there primarily for milfs, but milfdating.com is a site you must stay away from. It's been created to look like a proper dating site, but never to function like one. It will lure people in with it's marketing tactics and fake information, but it will never get you laid.

  • GrahamF

    Milfdating.com just doesn't have the ability to get you laid. I don't think that was its purpose when it was developed. I've had a completely opposite experience on Milftastic.com where I have been able to get to know and hook up with many milfs in such a short period of time.

  • whitneyhope

    I'm very happy to see reviews like this to educate people about scams in the name of adult dating. This review's going to save so many people's hard-earned money. I wish I had seen a review like this about MilfDating.com before I signed up there.

  • JoanneS

    This review is so true. I have never seen a paid adult dating site with user interfaces this horrible. It's virtually impossible to run a search or talk to someone on the chat on Milfdating.com. Usually any site should be able to run a simple search, but this one failed. I was so mad when I finally realized that it was a scam.

  • mary_hanson

    I know what you mean about the connection problems on milfdating.com. I first thought that they were temporary, but they started happening all the time. I think they hosted this site on a very cheap server and they just couldn't handle all the people trying to connect.

  • rexhuffman

    Yes, the server definitely seemed to be having trouble with the load that was put on it. I mean these are basics when you are running an adult dating site. Thousands of people will login at once and you should be prepared to handle that. I don't think the people who made Milfdating.com neglected that by accident. It's straight forward to anyone with the least IT knowledge.

  • maggy_1981

    Just don't join milfdating.com because it's a scam site. You will never get the type of dating experience you pay for through this site.

  • AllenCulinar

    It's so hard to find a good adult dating site these days. I looked through the internet and read so many reviews before I found www.lonelywifehookup.com. It was worth the effort though. That site has been great when compared to the highly negative experience I had on www.milfdating.com.

  • Belinda.Miami

    Milfdating.com has so many problems and I don't think anyone will be able to get laid through this site. First of all it doesn't have enough women to make it a success. Secondly, it seems to be having server problems all the time. I don't think the people who are running this site want to make it better.

  • BradleyC

    Yes, make sure that you read at least five reviews about an adult dating site before you spend your money on it. There are so many sites popping up, but most of them are scams like milfdating.com.

  • HarveyN

    There are so many sites which have useful reviews like this one on the internet so it was very stupid of me to pay for MilfDating.com without even checking if this site was legit. The failure on this site lead me to do my research and join Milftastic.com which turned out to be a great choice. It was heaven when compared to MilfDating.com!

  • ZoeRoachel

    That's so true. You should never join a dating site without reading through other people's experiences. There are so many scam sites such as milfdating.com, so you need all the help you can get.

  • JudithK

    You will never be able to talk to anyone on Milfdating.com. It was a waste of my money. I learned a lesson though. Never pay for a product or service on the internet without going through trustworthy reviews. If I had taken an hour to read a few reviews about Milfdating.com, I wouldn't have joined this stupid site.

  • CameronAdams

    That's exactly what I thought when I first started using milfdating.com, but I was wrong. Come the end of the day, you won't have the same opinion about milfdating.com. My advice to anyone thinking about joining this site is to stay away from it and try a better site like localmilfaffair.com or milfaholic.com.

  • Dick_P

    I just joined www.milfdating.com and I don't think the site is as bad as it's made to sound from this review. There seem to be so many hot mature women on here and the chat seems to be working fine.

  • Sammy_Sawyer

    Milfdating.com sucks. You are never going to get laid through this site. There were some nice men on this site, but I had no way of communicating with them because whenever I logged in, the chat was offline.

  • HudsonA

    You are right, milfdaing.com has way too many problems when it comes to user friendliness. I don't think they intended it to work at all.

  • lincoln.m

    I really don't think the people who developed Milfdating.com made the least effort to create a functioning site. I'm a web developer by profession and I've seen better prototypes build by engineering students that this site! This is just a scam, the people who created this site never wanted it to work.

  • AlexClay

    I won't go as far as to say that milfdating.com is a complete scam but it sure has a lot of problems which are stopping anyone from having fun through this site. It really needs to control the fake profiles and figure out a way to hide inactive ones too.

  • Genna_Hall

    This review is 100% true, you will have no success on Milfdating.com. It's just a scam site designed to steal peoples money. You will be better off on a site like Milftastic.com where there are actual women.

  • T.Fraser

    I agree, all the women who are left on milfdating.com are pretty desperate to find sex. I understand them. They probably think that it's a site that actually works, so they won't quit until they realize that they have been fooled.

  • MichelleK

    MilfDating.com does not work and I think it's a scam. It's full of rude and horny men and it's too hard to find someone genuine there.

  • luke_clayton

    I actually managed to find a few real women on www.milfdating.com but it was impossible to keep in touch with them. One of them told me that she was getting way too many messages and that it was impossible to get to know anyone. I can imagine being one of the women on site full of horny men. I later tried my luck on www.milfaholic.com which turned out to be a great site. It has almost no fakes and the community is very friendly.

  • margerett_casper

    The men kept asking me if I was real and I really got annoyed by that. I worked hard on my milfdating.com profile and I thought that it was pretty evident that I wasn't fake. However, going through this review, now I know why they were asking that question. This site does not work at all.

  • Brenda81

    I'm one of those rare real women who was on MilfDating. It's definitely not a site where you'll be able to successfully meet nice men. I agree, there are way too many fakes which makes it impossible to trust this site.

  • AldenBrown

    I got those messages too! However, I knew that they were fake because they sounded pre-written. Plus I got them even before I had completed my profile. No matter how good a dating site might be, no woman will take the risk of messaging someone who doesn't even have a profile. So I was quick to notice that something was up with milfdating.

  • martin-s

    MilfDating.com is full of fake profiles. You are bound to get a few messages as soon as you join the site from these amazing looking MILFs but they are fake. Don't be fooled into thinking that this site is a legit one. If you do, you will waste a lot of time here.

  • Ogriffin

    You are right and just like this review suggests, milfdating.com is not the best place to find hook ups with cougars or any woman for that matter. I pretty much messaged all the women in my area, but I got no replies. I firstly thought that it had something to do with the way I was messaging them, but going through this review, I think it was this site's inability to get people hooked up.

  • DonaldB

    Do you think that real people have made those fake profiles on www.milfdating.com? I don't think so! They have been made by the people who developed this site to fool people into believing that it's a real one. I know this because I know so many people who got messages through these fakes when they were on a free trial. It's just a dirty tactic by these thieves.

  • christy_wasley

    You are mistaken if you think that you have a chance of getting laid through MilfDating.com. The site fooled me into thinking that it was a great community and that there were so many good people on there, but it was the complete opposite. It's the worst dating site I've ever seen.

  • Rhonda_XXX

    I know, I love the look and feel of www.milfdating.com landing page and I was lured in. I was expecting the site to be similar, but I got the shock of my life when I realized that it was nothing like that. It consistently threw errors and it was impossible communicating with anyone there.

  • jonathanforbes

    It's very difficult to tell a scam site by looking at it from the outside. That's where you need expert opinion and experience sharing like the review above. The home page of milfdating.com has been made so nicely that no one would suspect that it's a scam. It's full of amazing stats and fake testimonials. Event he design is highly impressive.

  • tiffany.rowland

    Thank god I saw this review, because I was actually going to join milfdating.com. It really looked like a genuine sex finder site.

  • Matt.North

    Save your money if you are thinking about trying out MilfDating.com. It just doesn't work. In my experience, LocalMilfAffair.com and Milfaholic.com are the best MILF sites out there.

  • aiden.maher

    I agree, I stopped trying talking to women on milfdating.com after a few days, because I knew that it wasn't working out. There were way too many men and there was so many distractions too. There were some people who were behaving like kids on there. They were disrespectful towards everyone else. I knew that no woman was going to hook up with a man that they met on a site like this.

  • shondra_smith

    That's funny, but it's true! It's just impossible to meet anyone and get to know them on Milfdating.com. There are way too many men on this site and it's hard for any woman to keep up with the number of men. It was just too much for me.

  • joshuahammond

    You'll be doing yourself a favor by staying away from milfdating.com. You'd rather have more chances of hooking up with a milf by going to clubs in real life that trying your luck there.

  • mitch.noah

    If you are looking for a milf site that actually works, try out Lonelywifehookup.com. It's got all the tools and the members you need to hook up with amazing looking milfs. Unfortunately, I have nothing new to say about Milfdating.com. This review is right, that site does not work.

  • MasonJakes

    I don't think anyone has a chance of getting laid through milfdating.com. It's just such bad site with the worst kind of members imaginable. They are angry and abusive.

  • RoseTaleah

    I agree with the above comment. Milfdating.com is not worth the money and the trouble.

  • StevieL

    Milfdating.com does not work. I have tried my luck on this site for a few weeks, but nothing worked. Correct me if I'm wrong, but none of the women seem to be active on this site.