Find Out Why Won’t Get You Laid Today

Find Out Why Won’t Get You Laid Today – What It’s All About

If you’re up for meeting older women or younger men, and think will help you out, you might want to think again. Skip this site tonight. MilfSexDates is a mish mash of links and fake profiles that lead you on a rabbit hole to nowhere. You’ll spend hours trying to find a real beauty in a sea of unattractive fakes, and it would be better to avoid this whirlwind altogether. I had read bad reviews on this site claiming it was a scam and thought I’d see for myself. If only I had taken the advice and dismissed my curiosity. If nothing else, I hope to get the message out that milfsexdates is not the site you want to join if you’re looking for sex, or anything real for that matter.

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Cost to sign up:

Free for a basic membership
$29.95 a month for a gold membership
$34.95 a month for a platinum membership

Your free membership gets you a screen of profiles, but you can’t send or receive messages or communicate with your matches in any way. With a basic membership you can see that there are options to send and receive videos, join web cam chats and sign up for an instant messenger, but that’s it. The gold membership lets you talk to your matches and instant message, and the platinum membership allows you access to the video chat rooms and to send and receive videos. I decided to get the gold membership and right away I wanted my time and money back.

I tried the site for 3 months. I sent messages to all of my matches, 100 of them and received about 20 of THE SAME exact responses. The headlines were the same and the content was the same. I thought there must’ve been a mistake, so I logged out and then logged back in again only to find that it wasn’t a mistake at all. I knew right then that all of these profiles were fake. There are no features worth your time on here.

The Downsides to

Everything about MilfSexDates is a downside. There is so much going on that you don’t even know where to start. There are so many ads and when you click on a profile or a link, it often redirects you somewhere that you weren’t trying to get to. You have to reload pages a lot to try and get back on track, and often times have to log out and log back in to get you back to your profile page. You can’t do anything significant unless you sign up for a gold membership, and that membership gives you a whole lot of nothing. When you complain to customer service, you get a rude response and basically have to suck up the fact that you paid for a scam site. There are no real people on this site except for the suckers, like myself, who thought it would be a good idea to try it out.

Why You shouldn’t Join

There are many downsides that I’ve listed above as to why you should not join. You will not get anything out of this site except for disappointment. There are no real profiles here, no real people to meet and absolutely zero dates to be had. I didn’t not find one person that I could talk to to set up a date. It just doesn’t happen on this site. Skip the headache and join a reputable site that will actually match you up with older women and get you laid. There is nothing about milfsexdates that is worth your time. You’d be better off going to a club and trying your luck there. When you want to find an actual affair with real life women, take a look here for some help. There are much better ways to use your time, and trust me when I say that Milfsexdates is not one of them. If you want to get laid by local milfs tonight, don’t bother with this site and take the time to find a site that will help you get what you need.

User Submitted Comments

  • BrendonL

    Milfsexdates will never get you laid. They just don't want to. I feel that even if they tried a little bit, they could have made this site much better and at least some of its members would find hook ups. Unfortunately they didn't, so this site is a lost cause. They have intentionally done a very bad job because the site was never intended to work.

  • suzzy_lee

    I don't think 99% of the women you tried talking to on weren't even active. I'm pretty sure that whoever created this scam also created a lot of fake profiles on here. So it has nothing to do with you. You were just on a site that didn't really work for anyone.

  • hamish80

    I know what you mean. When you feel like you have been rejected by all the women on a dating site, it's not the greatest of feelings. However, the thing about the women on Milfsexdates is, most of them aren't even there.

  • shawn_taylor

    I joined as I always wanted to hook up with older women. However, I was very disappointed when none of the women on the site replied to me. I thought that it was because they didn't like me more than anything. My self esteem took a real beating during the time. Scams like these can really mess with people so I hope that this review will help many to stay away from this scam.

  • TammyOliver

    It's not easy to find reviews about adult dating sites when they are new and the problem is, so many sites like are popping up. So many people turn to the internet to socialize now and so many scams are born on a daily basis. It's not very easy to catch up with them.

  • heather_yates

    Thank you for informing the online dating community about scams like milfsexdates. I wish I was lucky enough to see a review like this before I came across that stupid site.

  • PhillipBreeze

    You are better off on a site like than a scam like I fell for this trap and it was the worst adult dating experience one could imagine. There are way too many inactive profileson too and it's almost impossible to find women who are active. I later joined after doing some research and that site turned out to be a very good site that gave me results.

  • HarveyN

    I agree with the above comment. Even with actual members, the chance of hooking up through are very slim. The site is a complete failure.

  • SarahDavids

    Yes, there are actual people on, but it's very hard for the to talk to each other. Most of the site's functionalities and features don't work or aren't accurate. You can't depend on the chat or the PM. You can stay on the site without running in to 100s of errors. I just don't know how two people can get to know on this site.

  • LeonerdW

    The review above and the comments left by all these people are true. is a scam site. You will lose your money and you don't stand a chance of getting laid there. I wasted two weeks on this site. Then I went and looked around and found which has been great so far.

  • Latisha_Turner

    Just don't give up because of a stupid site like There are so many milf sites that actually work! After my negative and forgettable experience here, I went and joined which turned out to be pretty amazing.

  • RonnieBrown

    I don't think is a scam site to be honest. I was able to talk to some of the women here and actually get replies.

  • Kenny88

    There are so many good dating sites out there and it's so hard to find which ones actually work. I have tried many dating sites in the past and some turned out to be scam sites. was one of them and it was a big disappointment for me.

  • julianpriest

    Just make sure that you read the rest of the reviews on this site. I did so and found out which MILF sites work and which don't. Thanks to all the reviews here, I'm a happy member on I can forget about now!

  • Andrea1981

    That's what I thought too. The home page of MilfSexDates was done so well that I thought that there was something wrong with the people. I never suspected that the site would be the problem. Unfortunately it was and I later moved on. This site just wasn't working out and I was wasting my time.

  • LucasKelly

    Just don't bother spending your money on It does not work. I went on there a few weeks ago and I had a horrible experience. I thought that it was something to do with my approach and I tried so hard talking to the women there, but without any luck.

  • JasonM

    You make a great point. They do have the chance to change things around, but they won't. Making money by fooling people through a beautiful home page is much easier and the people behind know that.

  • clifford.mcgeorge

    The fact that the people running aren't making any efforts to fix the problems the site has makes it a scam site. If it was a genuine site which was trying to provide a superior service, then it would have fixed all the problems and gotten things under control. They didn't even make an effort.

  • ShearaE

    I agree, people signed up on milfsexdates to get laid. Not to just have a chance to talk to women. The site failed them miserably.

  • CedricH

    Milfsexdates promised that I would hook up with hot milfs, but I couldn't even get a proper reply from any of the women on this site, because the majority of them were either fake or inactive. This site is a scam, there's no point arguing about it. Just because you were able to talk to a real person on this site doesn't nullify all the comments of real users above.

  • RomanP

    I don't think that is a scam site. There are so many actual members on this site, so why can't they hook up? Calling it a scam might be too harsh.

  • Judd90

    Milfsexdates does not work. It's a site that can never get you laid. Just stay away from this site. I wasted so much of my time there. Try which is a great site and there are so many amazing looking cougars there. Milfsexdates was hell compared to that.

  • bethany_pattinson

    I think there's way too much spamming, fakes and abuse going on for any woman to be dating there. It just wasn't an environment that I felt comfortable in. There was way too much going on and I just didn't want to spend my time on this site. I later joined and it turned out to be everything I wanted.

  • colby.davidson

    I agree that some men on milfsexdates are angry, but there are no excuses for behaving the way they are doing. It's making this site even worse.

  • FreddieHanson

    When I first joined, I received some messages from some attractive looking cougars, but later they dried out. I then realized that they may have been fake or automated. The men no this site might mistake even a real woman for a fake one and I think that's the reason why some of them are acting that way.

  • VenessaMiami

    I agree and I just don't understand why people are so rude on! I mean I get that they are frustrated, but you can't take it out on other people! We all have lost our money.

  • ricky_atkins

    If you think is going to get you laid, you are wrong. It's a site full of men who are messing around way too much. There's so much spamming and abuse going on. I don't think any woman will stay on this site for that long. It's just way too unfriendly and I don't think anyone hooking up through this site.

  • Theresa1972

    I managed to start a few conversations with a few nice men on milfsexdates, but the site kept throwing errors and it was hard to find a time when the chat didn't have connection problems.

  • MegT

    This review is right. I don't think is a real site. It seems like a scam site and it's sad to see that more and more people are becoming victims of it. Whoever created this site has done well to make it seem very real. I trusted the testimonials I saw about it and it was too late when I figured things out.

  • Chris_Paul does not work. I don't think anyone will ever get laid through this site. It's full of men and it's virtually impossible to stand a chance. I don't think that many people are getting hooked up by this site. For me, it was a waste of time and money.

  • NickHuffman

    Just don't bother wasting your money on I'm pretty sure that it's a scam site. I later found out that is a great site to meet hot MILFs.

  • JeremyV

    There are so many great sites out there, so try your luck on one of those better known sites. MilfSexDates was the worst adult dating experience I've ever had. This site had way too many problems with the community as well as the site. There's no way around them. It's just not going to work out for anyone on there.

  • MeganH

    If you have paid for membership and if you still have hopes of this site finally working, STOP! That day is never going to come. Just save your time and do more research before you sign up on another site.

  • MattEnsor

    I feel that I'm very unlucky to have been a victim of It's a scam site and I honestly feel that there was no way of knowing.

  • martha_robinson

    That's exactly how I got to know about I saw it as an ad on another site so I clicked on it. I was very lonely and stressed due to work at the time and I wanted an escape. The landing page looked very impressive so I paid the money straight away.

  • benjamin_carlton

    As a rule of thumb, stay away from sites which are being advertised on dodgy sites. Those are usually scam sites like Milfsexdates. They put up ads with very hot looking MILFs to lure people in to their landing page which they create really nicely. Many people fall for the trap.

  • hunter_mark

    It's very hard to tell if a site is a scam by just looking at it. They are very good at disguising and impressing people that it's a legit site. I went through the home page of thoroughly, but still fell for it.

  • Stefani80

    How exactly can you tell the difference between a scam site like and a real adult dating site? It took me so much time to finally realize that I was on a site that could never work. I had wasted a lot of time by then. Anyway, I'm just glad that I'm out of there and to see that so many people have gone through the same experience.

  • rihanna_xxx

    Make sure that you stay away from sites like The best thing is to look around a bit before you sign up on a sex finder site. I didn't do that and I paid the price by losing some of my money.

  • austin_palmers

    Don't blame yourself too much. People who create scam sites like are very good at what they are doing. They spend a lot of money of hiring professionals who know exactly what to do to fool people. I have to agree that the home page of is very impressive. It can fool even one of the wisest men who's been in the adult dating game for a while.

  • AndersonN

    You make a very good point. I should have looked around on the internet for reviews like this one before I joined Milfsexdates. I could have saved some money and valuable time if I had done that.

  • AdamC

    This review is spot on. Do not spend your money on I thought that it was a legit milf site, but when I went in there, all I saw were inactive profiles and men.