Fulfills The Milf Fantasy To The Fullest Fulfills The Milf Fantasy To The Fullest

Why Gets You Laid

If you’re a man seeking older women, or a woman seeking younger men, has something for everyone. I loved how easy it was to find sex here! The amazing thing about this site is that you’ll find more than just milfs. There are cougars and sugar mamas, too. I found this site so easy to join, and only takes a few seconds to gain instant access. You can get a preview of member profiles before joining, which is nice so that you can see the members you’re going to talk to. You also see what features you can expect before you sign up. This site is as real as it gets, and you get a good sense of that when you see the diverse range of singles online. There is every type of local single online, every size, shape, age and race. Find your exact preferences no problem.

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The cost to sign up:

$39.95 per month/ after the first FREE month

With a $39.95 membership you get it all! You can send and receive messages, join chat rooms and forums, view private member accounts, and gain access to VIP areas. You don’t have to pay any extra for VIP either. Everything is included in the price and it’s worth it. I got so much out of Milftastic, and it wasn’t expensive at all!

When you sign up you get an instant timeline feed about who’s signing up, who’s added new pictures, who’s liked what pictures, if anyone has created a private room that you can request to join, etc. It’s a great way to keep up to date on your matches, and to see things that you’d otherwise have to spend time searching for. You can send items to your matches to show your level of interest. Think of them as dirty emoticons that are super suggestive. It’s fun having this feature because instead of sticking to the same old message, you can mix it up a little, and have some fun with communicating with your matches.

Out of 80 messages sent, 80 were returned and I went on 20 dates in one month. I was never bored and I met some very exciting women. Out of the cougars, sugar mamas and milfs I met, I preferred the sugar mamas. They were older, more comfortable in their skin, and always paid for everything. I’m so used to being the one that pays that I really welcomed and enjoyed the change. I had a lot of fun flirting online! I found that more suggestive messages worked over the plain ‘Hi, how are you?’ ones. An example of one of my messages was:

“I love that picture of you in your red dress, do you have any more pics like that?”

Mentioning something specific, and still keeping in flirty, worked wonders! This site is definitely all about sex and having a good time. You can be as raunchy as you want and your matches will love it.

How To Get The Most Out Of

For the best experience, you should absolutely spend the $39.95. You will have a great time if you stick to the free option, but it’s always nice to explore. Make sure that you check your messages and respond quickly to ensure a date. The longer you wait, the faster your matches move onto someone else. I learned that the hard way. There is no playing hard to get on a sex site. You’re here for sex, so go and get it. Your matches will love when you show interest, and a good idea is to check your messages during the day to lock down even more dates.

Be specific about what you’re looking for on your profile. The more detailed you are, the more your matches mirror what you want in a sex partner. The site will set you up, but the rest of your matches come from people searching around the site. Make sure you stand out to the women that you want to meet.

Be involved in the site. By this I mean, request more information from your matches, like pictures and leave comments. When you’re interactive, you’ll get more of a response. I found that as soon as I started liking pictures, my match count went up. Because everyone’s activity is showcased on the home page, the more active you are, the more you’re noticed. Just like every other social site.

The Downsides Of is a great site with great features and there aren’t any real downsides. The only thing that I would mention is that there are cougars, sugar mamas and milfs on this site. It’s not always easy to tell who’s who, but if you ask some questions, you’ll find out pretty fast. It’s not really that big of a deal if you date one over the other, the whole point is to have sex with older women, and no matter what their title it, they’re still older and hot! You’ll have fun with whoever you choose to date. There’s no losing on Milftastic. It’s an amazing site for so many people.

Why You Should Join

If you’re looking for sex with older women, you should join because that’s exactly what you’re going to get. It’s simple to join, and even easier to find that hookup you’ve been looking for. MILFTASTIC is just as great as other sites I’ve tried, and I’ve gotten laid a lot on here. is a ligit site that’s hooking up young guys with local milfs, cougars and sugar mamas. The simplest way to describe it is ‘what you see is what you get’. There are no hidden downsides, there are plenty of locals to meet, and there is a lot of sex to be had. If you’re eager to get started, it only takes a few minutes to sign up. Take it from me, you’ll want to log in ASAP because women are online and waiting to meet guys like you. If you’re looking for a quick hookup, there’s no doubt that you’ll find it so fast you won’t believe how easy it was. Take a look for yourself and be the judge. I am confident that you’ll like what you see. This site really know what it means to hook up young guys like me with older women. It has it all figured out and makes it easy and fun to do. There’s never any boring searches, I always had matches and I always had a great time when I signed in. I don’t like waiting for sex when I’m paying for a sex site, and with Milftastic, I never felt like I wasn’t getting what I was paying for. I ended up getting a lot of second and third dates on here with amazing women that I know I wouldn’t meet anywhere else. You’ll love this site if you’re like me and looking for sex tonight.

User Submitted Comments

  • MikaCarr

    Make sure that your profile is complete before you do anything else on It's a great way to make a good impression. Plus without a good profile, any woman will want to talk to you. Most of the women on this site have been in the online dating scene for a while and they are well aware of the negative things that happen online. So they will stay away from anyone looking suspicious or not wanting to share information.

  • ThomasKeller

    Getting the subscription on was money well spent! After college, I hooked up with a few older women and I've wanted to hook up with milfs ever since. I like the fact that they are very giving and lively in bed. I also like their maturity. They are nice to hang out with and have more mature feelings when compared to girls of my age or ones younger than me. This is arguably the best site to find great looking cougars and it's my favorite too.

  • EthanGiles

    I agree. Milftastic is hands down the best site out there to meet hot milfs. It's got simple features and amazing people.

  • BridgetBush

    I just joined after going through a few reviews like the one above. Most site that I've been on didn't really suit older women like myself. I don't think I was looked at the right way. I'm glad to have finally found a site which is for women who are older or milfs as they call us lol

  • MikeyBolt

    You know that a woman is open minded and fun loving when they are actually on!! Some women don't like to be called that, but the ones that do... well they are a world of fun!

  • kenny_borrow

    That's so true MikeyBolt!! The ladies on don't mind being called MILF or cougar. They just want to have fun. Of course you have to give them respect. Everyone deserves to be respected. However, they are open minded and fun loving which is awesome.

  • LewisP

    There's no other site out there similar to You can go on there and have so much fun! The members are absolutely amazing. They just go on with their business rather than wasting time. I love this dating site!

  • ClarkeV

    Well I think is a little too serious for my liking. The members never want to fool around and have fun at all! They just want to flirt with each other and hook up. I mean I wanted a sense of community when I first joined this site. I don't think it's there. Everyone seems very selfish to say the least.

  • BethanyJ

    To be frank, people pay money and register on to meet people and have sex with and that's what you should expect them to do. Anything else will be wasting their time and money. I'm very impressed with the site and how things work here. It's been really easy to find dates on

  • LukeWilson is easily the best sex finder site with a milf theme out there at this moment. They have a very simple yet efficient site. It's user-friendly. The members are pretty great too. It suits busy individuals which is a must these days. Their pricing is good. There's nothing like fakes and spam. I'd give it five out of five start any day.

  • Jackson88

    I was getting tired of trying talking to cougars on normal adult dating sites I thought of joining It was never working on other sites as people seemed way too busy. Things were completely the opposite on this site. I met so many hot milfs and started going out and hooking up a week after I joined the site.

  • RogerMurphy

    Having a good looking profile on does help a lot. I haven't met women as adventurous and spontaneous as the ones here. They never say no to trying new stuff out. I really enjoy hooking up with the older women on this site.

  • AaronLyon

    I worked very hard on my profile as soon as I signed up on MIlftastic. I didn't know exactly how the profile supposed to help me, but I felt that it was important. In return, 90% of the women that I tried talking to replied and all the dates I've been on has ended with amazing sex. Milftastic is a great site to meet cougars. They are so much fun and adventurous.

  • VinceMathew

    That's true. A profile with no or very few photos is just not that attractive on It's a secure site and your privacy is protected. Only members can go through another person's profile. So it's completely safe to share your photos on the profile. It makes the profile look attractive and gives out a great impression about you.

  • AlanP

    You really can't get around without a complete profile. It doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman, you need to have a good profile to get the full benefits of

  • Patricia79

    I'm an old fashioned woman and I make sure that I reply to all the messages and chats I get. However, if the person doesn't have a real-looking and complete profile, I just don't bother. It shows their lack of effort and commitment. There are so many guys who try harder on milftastic. So make sure that you complete your profile.

  • HeatherGlass

    I completely agree. You need to have a stand-out profile in order to have a good shot at getting laid here on I don't think any woman will talk to you if you don't.

  • jeremy83

    Completing the profile takes such little time anyway. However, it's a good idea to spend some time on it as I feel it's a great tool that can be used to find great matches on

  • JulianL

    I agree with jeremy83. By creating a detailed and honest profile, you can make sure that you attract people who are interested in you and get along with you. If you go out with someone who doesn't like the same things as you do or have opposing views, the chances are that you'll have very little fun during the date and come home without getting laid. Having a good profile on will help you avoid disappointments like that.

  • HudsonHopkins

    You hit the nail on the head! Your Milftastic profile isn't a where you only share some information to look authentic. There's more that you can do with it. It's an amazing effective way to direct good matches towards you. Make sure that you take full use of this feature.

  • GinaLucas

    I always make sure that I go through a person's profile on milftastic before I start talking to them. The profile structure on this site helps you determine whether a person is your type of not if you know what I mean. With this approach, I've been able to go out with guys that I could have a lot of fun with.

  • SamProbst

    You're better off with a good looking profile on Just spend an hour or two at least on it. You will thank yourself later!

  • roweyhope

    Hahaha that's true. Having a nice profile with lots of photos and information is a great way to look more attractive and real on milftastic. It's a good idea to spend some time on it.

  • Janet81

    You are correct about photos. It's very important to add some good looking photos to your profile to get more views. I always skip profiles with no photos.

  • MeganCrowley

    This was the third positive review about that I have read recently so I decided to join it. To begin with, the pricing was very fair in comparison to other sites. At a glance, the site seems to be buzzing with activity and there are so many great looking men. I already like this place. I just got my profile done. What kind of photos should I upload to my profile? There seems to be so many hot looking photos uploaded by members to their profiles here.

  • SethBooker

    Uploading a few sexy photos are definitely going to help you get noticed more. If that's not against your personality, you should do that. I'm more likely to click on a profile with hot photos on Milftastic rather than one without.

  • jennifer.pillgrim

    I'm not entirely happy with the amount of attention I'm getting on I used to get so many views on other sites, but this one seems to be full of women and much lesser men. So as a reason, there's a lot of competition among women too. I'm not the biggest fan.

  • Cedric_Carlson

    I think it's good for a change that there's competition among women. That gives more chances to the men here on

  • BobMichelles

    I honestly couldn't believe my eyes when I saw how many women were constantly online when I first joined Milftastic. It's just like heaven for a man. Put all that with user-friendliness, security and the laid back environment, Milftastic becomes the best adult dating site out there, not just the best cougar site.

  • BriOlsen

    I'm totally fine with having more and more women because that gives me the space that I need to get to know the men that I like and have the freedom to decide without being pressured. All the sites that I was on before had way too many men and I couldn't even think properly.

  • RoseyA

    That's exactly what I thought when I first came to milftastic and I was right. The even ratio of men vs women really helps you do your dating in a happy and relaxed way.

  • GordanSmith

    If you are looking for a site full of hot mature women, then is the best place. I'm a member here since November 2015 and it's been a great run.

  • charie_boy

    With the help of Milftastic, I was able to make my milf dreams come true. The women I met on this site were just amazing. They were very adventurous and wild in bed and I learned quite a lot from them. I keep in touch with some of them to this day and hook up with them every once in a while.

  • BrennaJ offers a safe place for mature women to find sexual partners of all ages. I have been with so many men through this site and almost all of those hook ups were good. You will not get a sex finder community this disciplined and friendly anywhere else in the world.

  • harry_pattinson

    I love coming home from work and spending an hour or two talking to the hot milfs on There are so many of them and having video chats with these ladies and fooling around has become a hobby of mine!

  • RexC is easily the best cougar site in the world. You won't find milfs this hot anywhere else. I have tried all kinds of things to hook up with hot older women, but nothing worked until I stumbled upon which was everything I was looking for, for years.

  • paul1991

    I love the fact that the admins of have been able to get so many women to sign up here. That's improved the quality of the site and made it a big success. More and more people are joining after hearing people's success stories through this site.

  • BaileyHanz

    The number of men and women on milftastic are pretty even so that gives all the men a good chance to hook up. It also helps keep people happy and sane to be honest. There are way too many men on some of the sites I've been before and men did all kinds of stupid things to get attention.

  • RoyBoston

    You make a very valid point, us men can behave in very silly ways when there's a lot of competition around. Thankfully, there are so many hot women on Milftastic!

  • tammy.giles

    I've uploaded quite a few hot photos of mine to and that has really helped me get more views.

  • AceSawyer

    It doesn't really matter what kind of photos you upload to as long as they are in line with your personality. I'm an average funny guy so my photos don't have me showing my abs off or anything. However, I still get laid without a problem.

  • JuddG

    That's true, don't worry too much looking into other people's profiles on milftastic. Just make sure that your profile portrays the type of person you are. There are so many men and women on this site, you will easily find the kind of people that you can have fun and be comfortable around with.

  • AustinCreed

    You are here to have fun and hook up with men, so don't think twice about uploading a few sex looking photos to your profile.

  • CadenBarry

    I personally always go through profiles with hot photos. I mean I'm a man, I can't help it. There are so many gorgeous looking women on and I love the fact that they have made some hot looking profiles full of photos of their adventures. Chatting with them about things and hooking up with them is just amazing!

  • morris_n

    Things I've done with the help of milftastic have been the stuff that dreams are made of. I have always dreamed of hooking up with hot milfs all my life and finally, I've found a place where I have an endless supply of smoking hot cougars.

  • Morgan88

    The women on are just way hotter than the women on any other site. Believe me when I say this because I've been to so many sites like this and in terms of the hotness of the women and results, this is the best!

  • shane.wright

    I will not use any other site other than for a very, very long time. It has helped me fulfill my sexual desires without having to spend too much time and money. It was exactly what I've been looking for. The women on this site are absolutely gorgeous too. They are always in to have fun and try stuff out.

  • blake_blue

    How's the ratio between men vs. women on The site that I'm right now has way too many men, so it's very hard to get a woman's attention and stand a good chance of hooking up.

  • moley-oliver

    That's something I looked into when I joined Being a woman, one might expect me to see thousands of hot men, but I wanted the number of men and women to be even for so many reasons. It's very hard to get to know anyone when so many men are trying to talk to you and competition can get ugly sometimes. So I was happy to see that there were as many women as men on

  • samuel.hunt

    My sex life would be very boring if it wasn't for milftastic. It's a site full of amazing women who just love to have a good life and be in the moment. I've been a member here for over two months now and I plan on remaining one for a lengthy period of time.

  • JaimeyO

    This review is very accurate. has to be one of the leading sex finder sites for milfs and anyone who's into older women. I've been a member of this site for over five months now and it's been a great run. You won't get a milf site which works more efficiently than

  • HarperSmall

    I've tried out so many sex finder sites in the past and was the best of them all. I've had sex with women of my age all my life and I always wanted to hook up with MILFs. This site made that dream a reality. Currently it's working out nicely, so I feel like being a long-term member here.

  • Phil.J

    It's a no-brainer for me to remain a member of milftastic. It's a rare adult dating site that actually gives you results. I will not hesitate when it's time to renew my membership.

  • MelissaPalmer

    Dating on has been great. The men are way more handsome than any other site you can think of. I just love spending a few hours every day talking to my friends and getting to know people. Ever since I joined this site, my sex life has been more eventful than ever.

  • Ronald87

    Usually the women on sex finder sites are very snobby in my experience, but it's never been like that on milftastic. I've found the ladies to be very friendly.

  • AngeloFlower

    I couldn't agree more with Ronald87. When I first came on, I thought that it would take me some time to make friends and hook up with women, but I was wrong. I was able to start conversations as soon as I started talking to women and they were keen to get to know me and meet new people in general. I've never faced anything rude on this site. The women are polite, but straight forward and I like that very much.

  • Cliff_Pope

    It helps a lot when a woman is being honest and straight forward with you. You don't have to play guessing games. That's one of the main reasons why I love dating on

  • AidenBrief

    That's true... I like it when women are being straight forward rather than beating around the bush and playing all kinds of stupid games. The women I've met on milftastic have always been great. They will not waste your time. It's clear why everyone's on this site for and makes things way easier.

  • kathy_wellington

    I personally hate being dishonest and indirect. I always make sure that I make things very clear and honest. That's helped me a lot on The men on this site are very honest too and that helps.

  • EsmereldaHughes

    I worried about finding attractive men to date and hook up with when I went through a divorce. Working in wall street didn't really help either. The guys at work were pretty shallow and I didn't want to be involved with them. I learned about through a friend of mine and I thought I'd give it a go. I'm very happy that I did, because it changed my life upside down. The men I've met on this site have been great. I now how sex whenever I want to without any strings attached.

  • ColbyD

    If you are looking to have casual sex with older women, there's no other site like Milftastic. You can start talking to women as soon as you join the site which alone is something most other dating sites can't beat.

  • CadeE

    It's not easy to find hot looking cougars to date these days. Milftastic is a rare sex finder site mainly for older women and I just love being a member here.

  • RebeccaM

    I have never been uncomfortable being called a milf or a cougar. That's just a term and I've never looked at it in a disrespectful way. The above comments are very true though. The overall attitude of men on is very good. They are much more friendlier and polite. I enjoy being a member of this dating community.

  • julliet_kepner give mature women a great chance to find handsome and interesting men to hook up with. It's a very safe place and easily my favorite dating site.

  • danny.morris

    I couldn't agree more with the above review. The women on are absolutely hot and open minded. It's so much fun getting to know them and hooking up with them.

  • RobbieH helped me make some of my wildest dreams become a reality. The women that I met on this site blew my mind off. I actually had a lot of fun just by hanging out with them too. But the sex was pretty amazing and I'll always be a great fan of this site.

  • Jen80

    I've been depending on the internet to keep my sex life alive for a few years now so I know quite a bit about adult dating sites. Milftastic got to be one of the best sites out there for older women. This site has members who are really nice and polite. You won't get the disrespectful 'boys' that you come across on other sites. It's been a lot of fun dating through Milftastic. It's without a doubt my favorite sex finder site.

  • lucas.fallon

    I'm a mature man looking for mature women simply because I can relate to them better and can easily get along with them too. Milftastic has helped me find the women that I can get along with without spending a lot of time.

  • MaryLue

    I'm a busy individual and being a mature and divorced woman it wasn't easy for me to get into the dating scene. gave me a shot at finding love and being happy again without having to change my lifestyle. It's a site that actually delivers and I'm so happy that I found it.

  • CinnamonXXX

    It took me almost a year to find and I'm so happy that I finally did. I have been on so many dating sites before coming here and they were mostly ineffective or horrible. Some sites were just useless. What I like the most about is the fact that the men on this site are absolutely wonderful. They know exactly when to be a gentleman as well as when to be primal if you know what I mean.

  • Nobert87

    Dating through milftastic has been a great experience. I'm not going to think twice when I have to renew the subscription. The mature women on this site are pretty amazing. They are fun when you are getting to know them and wild when you hook up with them. Exactly what I wanted when I joined this milftastic.


    I've been a happy member of Milftastic for over six months now. It's a great site with wonderful men who are handsome and nice. It has helped me keep my sex life alive without having to spend a lot of time on it.

  • JasonG

    You won't find a better site than when it comes to finding great looking cougars to hook up with. This place is full of them!

  • harmony.obrien

    I'm a mature woman and I've always found it difficult dating through the internet, because of the way that I was looked at on those sites. The members of has never been like that. They have never judged me because of my age and I have been very comfortable getting to know men and going out with them. It's been the most fun I've had in years to be honest.

  • JimmyO

    Haha that's funny and so true! I've been a member of so many sex finder sites where it was so hard to even start a conversation with a woman let alone hooking up with them. Things are way better on where the women are mature and nice. They also know how to have a great time!

  • missy.harper

    I think the women on are friendlier because of the overall mood of the site. The environment that you're on has a major effect on how you behave. When I sign in to the site, I always feel like talking to people and having fun. It's great!

  • RoselineH

    I'm a divorcee and I own a private practice. Between work and children, I don't have that much free time. However, I'm really tired of being lonely too. Is a good site for an individual like myself? Will I have enough time?

  • brenda.lee

    I'm an attorney and I live a very busy life too. That hasn't stopped me from having a great time here on With as little as an hour every day, I can easily get a date every week.

  • RossP

    You don't have to spend hours on to find a date or two. I only spend one or two hours online and that's enough to keep in touch with all the women I know as well as meet a few new people for future. It's all about chatting with people and getting to know them.

  • EvanBerry

    Everyone's busy these days and I think the admins of milftastic are well aware of that. They have made a platform where people can come together and socialize and meet up later for sex without spending a lot of their time. I have been out with so many successful and busy women through this site. They were all happy that they were able to have the sex life they were deprived of due to work and other issues.

  • mitch.moore

    I have never been on a site that takes such little time from your daily schedule for this much success. From a week after joining, I have always got laid at least once a week. All that while running my own business and having time for myself too.

  • Sarah.Pattinson is very efficient and the members like to get on with things which is great. That means you can spend less time on the site talking to people and still have a great chance at hooking up. I work in the city, but head home to my parents over the weekends. Even with that kinda schedule, I have been able to maintain a very good sex life thanks to this site.

  • RyderGraf

    Registering on milftastic was well worth my money. I just wanted to have a bit of fun when I first joined this site, but it later turned out to me much more than that. Now I use it to do all my dating. There are so many awesome looking milfs here and they are all actively looking to hook up. I find them very interesting and highly attractive. They are a lot of fun to hook up with and nice to talk to. Milftastic is great!

  • BradH

    I know what you mean about the women here. Not only they are attractive, you can have an actual conversation with them. That's something I love about the women on

  • BenjaminJ

    If you are looking for hot cougars to have casual sex with, is the ideal site. It's been five months since I became a member and I've had so much fun thanks to this site. The women are absolutely amazing and having sex with them has been pretty amazing to say the least.

  • harmoney_lopez

    Well, I couldn't say anything less about the dudes on too. They have been nothing but fun and adventurous in my opinion.

  • JaxonQ

    All the sites that I was on previously had way too many fake profiles and it was so hard to determine whether a person was real or it was some creepy guy talking to you. I was relived to see that milftastic didn't have that problem.

  • Rodger_Jaques

    I appreciate the hard work put in by the admins of They must be thanked largely for the success men and women have on this site.

  • jessy.b

    One of the main worries I had when I joined was whether it had fake people and abuse. On other sites, I had to face a lot of abuse most of the time. I didn't want to even open my inbox on most days. Things on here are pretty great. You will never be abused by anyone and anyone who does will not last a day here. I haven't seen that many fakes too. The site admins are quick to take those down.

  • MitchM

    I have to agree with missy.harper's comment. The administrators of has done a great job to ensure that the site is clean and fun for everyone. You will never see the negative stuff that you see on other adult dating sites here. They have put together a great bunch of guidelines and stuck to them. Well done to those guys!

  • AdamK

    Most sex finder sites just focus on the number of members rather than making sure that everyone has a great experience. It's a very bad trend and there are so many scam sites out there too. Milftastic is a site which is going against this trend and trying to get people together.

  • TrentA is a scam! Just like all the other sites. It will not get you laid. I tried for a whole day, but I didn't get a single chance with any of the women there.

  • MellyGarth

    You can't be serious! How can you expect a site to get you laid within a day? These are real people you're talking about and you need to put in more time. I feel milftastic is a lovely site. With the right effort, you can easily get laid compared to other sites out there.

  • JoeVernon

    I have friends who have been dating through for months and they have been having so much fun! It's a site that gives out what it promises. Not easy to find sex finder sites that actually work these days, so I'm going to stick to this.

  • CamBlake

    You are right sir! I have been looking for a good sex finder site for years and I'm glad that I found this one. I read a few reviews about like the one above and thought I'd give it a go.

  • Hannah80

    Considering the time and money that I spent on going out in the hopes of meeting nice men, it was completely worth registering on Milftastic. I have a lot of time for myself and I'm having so much fun too!

  • ruby-jones

    The site that I'm on right now is no place for a mature woman like myself and I want to find a better place to meet nice men. sounds like a great place. How safe is the site?


    Milftastic is a very safe site for both men and women in my opinion. You won't get all kinds of spam and abuse which is great. Everything about this site is positive and I think that gets people in the mood.

  • levi.taylor

    You are right. When things around you are nice and positive, you do get in that happy mood and before you realize, you are Mr. Happy getting to know women and hooking up! I think the site has the same effect on women because I've found them to be way more friendlier and willing to go out than any other site out there. rocks!

  • Jose85

    I just signed up on after reading the above review. It's my first go at adult dating online. The site is suggesting me to complete the profile. Is it a must to do so?